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Shark fishing charters in New Haven, CT. are one of the most exciting ways to fish. When you go shark fishing with us, we catch blue sharks, makos and thresher sharks. This is a thrilling experience for everyone. They are a great challenge and rewarding when they are reeled in. You think they're big but when you reel one in, you'll see how huge they can be! As one of the top charters we use our big boats to take on the sea. It's a fishing charter adventure! One of a kind, once in a lifetime perhaps. We know our fishing locations and we have our offshore targets. We have all of the electronics to make this the best it can possibly be for you. 

Our charters will set out intending to make your trip the best. We want you to catch the biggest sharks you've ever seen. Mako and Thresher sharks are some of the most saught after and we can help you acheive the experience of catching them. We can also take you for the near shore special deal. Just ask us for the specifics and we can reserve your spot. We know our fishing and where the best spots for fishing are. The fish can't hide from us! We are the experts and we're coming after them for your fishing charter pleasure!. This is a time you won't soon forget. So, if it's onshore, offshore or near shore, we take you on the trip you want, for the fish you want. Imagine those fish on the grill! 

When looking for shark fishing charters, you cannot go wrong when you come aboard. We cater to anyone who is up for the experience. Whether this is your first time shark fishing in New Haven, or you are a long time experienced fisherman, give us a call today to reserve your spot!

Start a tradition with great charter fishing with us!

That's a good start. And remember, start a tradition with great charter fishing and with us, of course!

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